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Miles Hudgins Trio

Miles Hudgins began his musical journey at the age of only 4 years old after taking an
interest in piano following his mother’s lead. Since the days of playing “repeat after me”
for hours on end with his mother, he has become a multi-faceted instrumentalist and
music producer, with a primary focus on the piano and woodwind family in live
performance. He has taken his talents as both a performer and producer to various
different places including original dance recital soundtrack composition for the
University of South Carolina, honing and showcasing knowledge in electronic music
production at 'Grammy Camp' in Los Angeles, California, playing in a big-band setting
with the Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra, appearing on-air in the PBS Celebration of Music
Talent Show, as well as performing more traditional pieces in Carnegie Hall, New York.
In addition, Miles has played shows at the small combo and solo levels, such as his
'Cultural Festival' sets in Golden, Colorado, and with the Miles Hudgins Trio at the club
‘Shanghai Jazz.’ In addition, he has a self-released album titled “Split Decision” as well
as two singles “Astray” and “Conscious” that are available on a plethora of platforms
such as iTunes and Spotify.

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