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Paul Meyers World on a String

For more than 10 years jazz guitarist Paul Meyers has led the remarkable group World on a String, a Brazilian/Latin/Jazz project with a critically acclaimed CD on the Miles High label and numerous performances in New York City clubs and concert stages all over the Northeast.

Paul says "The repertoire is of my original compositions and arrangements, using a core of great players/improvisers to perform music that fuses the jazz tradition with Brazilian & Latin and beyond. It’s my own version of world music, but all with a swinging, grooving foundation. We've been getting tremendous response to live shows and the CD”.

The trio features the wonderful drummer Vanderlei Pereira, originally from Rio de Janeiro, who brings in a vast knowledge of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms. 

On bass is Leo Traversa, a superb player with deep knowledge of all of these styles as well as much African music, and another very creative soloist as well.